What's Audio Hack SF?

Audio Hack SF is a one-day, invite-only hackathon bringing together 100 high-level musicians, music software devs, and music product designers from around the world to spend a day creating apps, plugins, software, and more together.

How is it Different than Other Music Hackathons?

1) Focus - Audio Hack SF is focused exclusively on hacking the music creation experience, versus the music consumption experience.  Audio Hack SF will explore  music creation technologies, products, and paradigms, including MIDI, OSC, CV, plug-ins, DAWs, controllers, mobile apps, and more, in search of new possibilities.

2) Participants - Audio Hack SF will be attended by top software engineers and product designers who are also deeply passionate about music. Every team will also be joined by a technically-minded audio professional to inspire a holistic perspective.

Who Should Apply to Participate?

Those who are thinking deeply about how to advance music creation technology, and  have strong skills and experience in music production, design, and/or engineering.

Audio Hack is community-supported. Email alex{at}gobbler.com if you would like to partner, volunteer, or make a donation to the effort.